Clocks playing tag

Ta-da! The Beeminder folks now own the tagtime.com domain!

If you’re a nerd you can check out the source code for TagTime.

Non-nerds can get the whole back-story from our article, “Stochastic Time-Tracking for Space Cadets”.

Now, what to actually do with the domain? We still can’t afford the distraction from Beeminder but we really want a proper cloud-based version of TagTime to exist. Something that has all the nerdy features we depend on (including Beeminder integration of course) but is also usable by normal people.

If you want to build that then we’d like to give you the domain name. Details and discussion are in the forum.


PS: TagTime is on Twitter, currently just tweeting commits from GitHub: @tagtm

PPS: TagTime category of the Beeminder forum.

PPPS: GitHub organization: github.com/tagtime

List of implementations of TagTime in the wild

  1. tagti.me
  2. TagTime Android app
  3. https://github.com/johnswanson/tictag
  4. https://github.com/alice0meta/TagTime
  5. https://github.com/pjjh/TagTime
  6. Joseph Cloutier wrote a version in Java
  7. mykter’s Electron version
  8. Javascript reference implementation on Glitch
  9. https://ttw.smitop.com/
  10. Cactus
  11. [tell us if we’ve missed yours!]

As far as we know, none of those are fully baked. Some, like the Perl version many of us still use, and the Android app, work well for techy types but none are a proper TagTime-in-the-cloud that a normal human can really use. The combination of the Android app and Beeminder may come closest but is super primitive.

See also The Experience Sampling Method.


Fun fact: The Beeminder founders have ~16 years of continuous TagTime data on how they spend their own time. That’s like 200K pings they’ve each answered!