Placeholder for this tool I’m totally going to make…

Me to Rich Armstrong on 2013-05-14:

What I really want to do is make a version of Uservoice (perhaps on top of Trello) where people place real-money bounties on cards instead of just voting. So many ways that could go wrong but I think it could be done right and that our users would be super into it. :)

Then Malcolm Ocean said this on 2014-09-14:

The Beeminder user base is pretty technical, so what about offering bounties for integrations? You could start them at a certain amount, and allow other users who want the integration to contribute in a crowdfundingy-like way. In addition to letting users contribute their own dollars, you could also give each user a few dollars to put towards integrations that they want. Kind of like Uservoice’s votes but with actual money to incentivize.

To which I replied:

Very good idea. I actually got so excited about that idea at one point that I bought some domain names in case I ever wanted to spin that off as its own project. I think I tried to get which would be adorable but the only thing I could think of that was actually available was and (wasn’t sure which spelling was better). [PS: I noticed in 2017 that was available and it was too cute to resist. I probably will let and expire.]

So, yeah, we’ll just code this up in the next two weeks…


Me in response to another user:

I’m excited about feature bounties! I’d love to build something like what we have at but with real money instead of votes. That’s like a whole other startup’s worth of distraction though so I best resist the temptation. :)