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[1] This is a little esoteric if you don’t know the term “self-binding”.

[2] Thanks to Johnicholas Hines.

[3] Bee likes the sentiment but we’ve gotta think of a better/catchier wording…

[4] Thanks to Andreas Stuhlm├╝ller.

[5] From Mara Smith: Akrasia is an interesting sounding word and your audience is generally more educated, so if they don’t know the word, they will look it up and it will assimilate into their paradigm of goal achievement.

[6] Thanks to David Pennock.

[7] Maybe too specific to weight-loss for now.

[8] Thanks to Julian Schvartzman.

[9] Thanks to Laurie Kalkman Reeves.

[10] Thanks to Jim McClintock.

[11] See

[12] This is a quote from Nick Winter’s book, “The Motivation Hacker”.

[13] These were from the Kibotzer days. They don’t work now that there’s no “kibitzing” pun.

[14] Thanks to Echo Nolan.